Free Farm Games

Free Farm Games

Family Farm Seaside is a beautiful and fun farming game from the makers of Family Farm for Facebook. Raise cute farm animals and harvest various crops to make your farm a success! Family Farm Seaside can be played on mobile devices, such as your phone or tablet, so you can bring your farm with you wherever you go! It’s up to you to make your dream farm by the seaside.

Look after adorable horses, cows, sheep, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, pandas, camels, reindeer, bees and ducks, just to name a few! The animals can all be fed, and they will produce goods for you to use or sell. You can also have pets, such as cute labrador pups, cats, turtles or bears. Pets explore the farm by themselves and may even help you complete some tasks.

With millions of players, it’s easy to find neighbors and have a fun, social farming experience. As you meet new neighbors in the game, you can add your favorite neighbors to your buddy list, and send each other gifts and messages. Neighbors also send message to each other on our Facebook fan page, and the community forum. Set up your own flea market stall and let your neighbors come and grab a good deal!

With the tap of your finger, you can easily plant crops in the ground. In this farm, crops don’t wither when you leave them for too long. The barn has unlimited storage, so you can save up all the crops you want before you’re ready to sell or use them. If you only have 10 minutes to play, there are still many tasks you can do in that time to develop your farm.

Family Farm Seaside has not one kitchen but two! The first kitchen has a huge number recipes, and all the dishes are super quick to make. In the second kitchen, your cooking skills will be put to the test as you time each ingredient – making sure that the dish comes out perfect at the end!

But there’s more to do on the farm besides make food – you can set up your own beauty shop to craft jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes and more! On the island, you can open your glass factory, hardware store, sawmill, and workshop to produce furniture, toys and other farm tools. The island farm also has its own mine, with various mineral and metal ores for you to gather your raw materials. Let your neighbors help you mine for ores, and you’ll have more materials than ever!

Throughout your adventures, you’ll unlock various achievements, which allow you to get useful coins and prizes to expand your farm. There are hundreds of achievements to complete, and you can get them by making products or being a really helpful neighbor.

Brighten up your farm with cute decorations and enjoy playing with other farmers around the world! And when all your farm tasks are done, it’s always nice to relax in the garden for a bit. You can tend to the plants here and watch as the flowers blossom beautifully. Once you have a few mature flowers, try crossbreeding them to get new varieties!

Start building your dream farm now!