Farming Simulator Games

Farming Simulator Games

All farmers should know the truth of many hands make light work. That’s why on Family Farm Seaside, you’ll find a big, happy community of worldwide players to help you on your farm! With millions of players, it’s easy to find neighbors and have a social farming experience. As you meet new neighbors in the game, you can add your favorite neighbors to your buddy list, and send each other gifts and messages. Best friends forever!

You can even buy and sell products at the brand new marketplace. Create your own market stall, give it a cool name, and sell your own goods to other farmers. Choose your own price to sell your goods – Would you prefer to sell at a low price to help out your neighbors? Or sell at a high price so you can expand your farm quickly? It’s up to you!

If you have a competitive streak, you should enter the farm beauty contest and see who has the prettiest farm. Every month, 1 winner and 99 runner-ups are selected in the farm beauty contest. Even if you don’t win, every contestant can get amazing rewards in this contest. So let’s all work together to make beautiful farms worldwide!

Of course, when you’re at the seaside, you’ll see boats! Farmers are always sending their boats to visit other farms worldwide. If you have the cargo they’re looking for, load it up on to their boat and everybody can earn great rewards at the trading center. Your own boat can be customized and redesigned so that it will look beautiful sailing across the ocean. And every once in a while, the trade center starts a global event. At this time, all players work together to complete the event before time runs out.

It’s easy to bring add your friends and family to your farm game by inviting them via email or Facebook. If your friends and family are already playing, you can add even more neighbors still. Simply send a drift bottle out to sea, and see who finds it!

The Facebook fanpage for Family Farm Seaside has fun contests to join. This is an exciting way to earn some coins or rare items for your farm. The contests range from easy guessing contests to creative contests where your ingenuity will be tested! Good luck!