Best Free Farming Games

Best Free Farming Games – Meet the family at Family Farm Seaside!

Darryl is the young man of the farm. Always the prankster, he makes time to play tricks on his big sis after he has finished his homework and chores. But deep down he has a good, caring heart. He also has a hungry belly that loves to eat candy!

His big sister Felicia always tries to look out for him. Well, at least when she isn’t traveling the globe! Yes, she’s been to places like Italy, Japan, London, Greece, China and more. All the while she is accompanied by helpful farmers who help her on her way. When Felicia has some time to spare, she loves to practice yoga and write her thoughts in her diary.

Felicia’s and Darryl’s Dad has been exploring the nearby island farm these days. The crops on the island are exotic and varied, and the land is rich with ores. It’s also the ideal place to grow fine woods, such as oak and cedar. Dad has set up a workshop to craft furniture and other items, and it’s turning out to be good business! He loves his kids more than anything else, and often visits them by hitching a ride on the farm zeppelin!

You’ll always find Grandpa in the lab, inventing new farm tools to make life easy. Ever the mad scientist, he managed to cause an explosion on the farm a few months back! Don’t worry, nobody was hurt, though Mary the cow got quite a fright! Right now he’s deciding whether to study rare trees or rare crops. Which would you choose?

Finally we have Grandma Blair, the wise and kind matriarch of the farm family. She has been farming for most of her life, so she expertly pulls off a bountiful harvest every season of the year! She’s always there for friends and family, and her life advice is always spot on. Of course, she is going to need your help on the farm while she cooks a delicious meal for all the family!

Last but not least, we have YOU. Yes, you are the glue that holds the farm family together! Whenever somebody needs a helping hand, it’s great to have another expert farmer on board. By playing the farm missions, you’ll learn lots more about all the wonderful people on Family Farm Seaside, including their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.