Best Farm Games Online

Best Farm Games Online

You will never be bored in Family Farm Seaside! There are an almost endless number of tasks and missions for you to complete, and more added all the time. Whether you play 10 minutes a day, or all day long, there are always ways for you to develop your farm further.

Help Darryl, Felicia, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma Blair in various missions on the farm. As you complete them, you’ll get the chance to harvest all sorts of crops, cook various delicious meals, and craft many items. Every two weeks, there is a big special mission where you can learn more about the farm family and their own personal stories. If you have missed any past special missions, they can be re-played too.

Special themed events happen regularly on Seaside. The events are always based on seasons, festivals or current events. During the special events, some of the very best and cutest decorations become available to win in the game. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements and you’ll never miss out.

The order board is a great place to find new tasks to do. Customers will pin their order requests to your board every day, and you can earn coins and prizes by helping to fulfill their orders. There are also customers hanging out in the coffee house, looking to buy tasty snacks and drinks.

The seaside farm is a social place, and from time to time you’ll see your neighbors’ boats passing by. If you have some helpful products for them, you can load up their boat and you’ll each earn useful things for your farms. You can even transport your goods by helicopter or zeppelin!

Once your daily orders are done, chill out in the garden and take care of the flowers, discovering new varieties and crossbreeding your favorites! Some rare varieties of flower can only be found by crossbreeding other varieties together. If you’re lucky, you can find a friendship flower this way. Friendship flowers can be given to your most beloved neighbors as a gift, so that you can crossbreed flowers with each other!

There are many cute and wonderful decorations to collect on your farm. Use these to decorate your farm, and make it a beautiful place to spend time. If you like to design your farm, you can enter the monthly farm beauty contest and see what others think about your farm! Each month there are 100 winners selected, but everybody who participates can win prizes for taking part.