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Family Farm Seaside

How to get free RC?

1) Connecting to Facebook

When you log in to Facebook with your game for the first time, you will get 3 RC for free.


2) Daily Login  Bonus

If you log in every day (no matter how long you spend playing the game that day), you will receive a daily bonus. On every 5th consecutive day that you log in, you will receive RC or another special item, such as Gasoline, Fertilizer or OP.

For more information about the Daily Login Bonus, please find the FAQ topic "Daily login bonus".


3) Level up

Every time you level up you will receive 1 free RC.

4) Achievements

You can get free RC by completing achievements, which can be found in the Achievement House.

For more information about the Achievement House, please check out the FAQ topic "Achievements".


5) Mystrons

You can collect Mystrons from the calendar, the fortune wheel and from fishing. Mystrons can be traded in for various items in the Mystery Store which can be accessed from the in game Menu button.

6) Fortune Wheel

If you are feeling lucky, then have a spin on the fortune wheel and you'll have a chance of winning some free RC.


7) Facebook Fan Page

We often have contest on our  official fan page, where we give out free RC. Make sure you like our fan page to receive all updates.

8) Fishing

Get all the stars in the Fish Book. The Fish Book can be found at the fishing pier. For certain fish you can get free RC.

9) Dedicated Farmer Bonus

Finish the Dedicated Farmer Bonus. You can find this at the upper left corner of your screen, the icon looks like a treasure chest. Continue collecting these bonuses and rewards and you will eventually receive free RC as well.

How can I get neighbors?

There are four ways to add a neighbor using the in game neighbor panel.

  1. Farm ID: Using a player's Farm ID. Ask your friends for their farm IDs to add them or publish your Farm ID in the forum or Facebook fan page.
  2. Facebook: Connect to Facebook to see your Facebook friends who are also playing Family Farm Seaside.
  3. Email: Send an email request to your friends to ask them to play the game and then add them as a neighbor.
  4. SMS (Short Message Service): Send your friends a text message to invite them to become one of your neighbors.

You can find more neighbors on the Family Farm Seaside fan page and the forum. In the current version of the game, the maximum number of neighbors is 300.

How to contact the Support and how to access the Forum?

Sending Ticket to Support:

To send a ticket to Customer Support, first access the FAQ.

Click on the blue gear icon (Settings Panel) on the right and click on "Help and Support" - this will open the FAQ. The FAQ will be in the language of your device setting (not your game language).

Look through the FAQ and read through a fitting topic. If that does not help, you will see in the FAQ Topic on the top right a Speech Bubble or the text, "Contact us"- just tap it.  


This will open a new panel where you can write what you need help with. Remember to write down your name and Email Address. The ticket will go to the support team of your game language.


When you receive an answer from Support, you will get a push notification on your phone and you will find the reply in your game.

When you have received a message, you will also see a red dot next to the blue gear and then also on "Help and Support".

Note: If you can not access the game and you do not see the Helpshift panel, feel free to use our webform version of the FAQ:

Access the Forum:

You can access the forum by going to the settings panel (blue gear icon on the right). Press the speech bubble with the three people, as shown in the picture below, and you will be redirected to our forum.

forum-1419492352-t.jpg forum2-1419492471-t

Hope this helps, and Happy farming!

[Android] Google Play Error Code

Some Android players have been experiencing issues (error 18, 963, etc.) when trying to update the game. This is due to a Google Play Store app error. Here's a few methods on how to fix it:

  • Method 1
    1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and Select All.
    2. Go to Google Play Services Framework and select Clear Data & Clear Cache to remove all data.
    3. Go to Google Play Store and select Clear Data & Cache to remove all data regarding Google Play Store.
  • Method 2
    1. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications and Select All.
    2. Go to Google Play Store and select Uninstall Updates to remove all data regarding Google Play Store.
    3. Restart device > open Google Play Store and check if you still get the error message.
  • Method 3
    1. Go to Settings > Storage > unmount SD Card.
    2. Try to download or Update the application.
    3. Go to Settings > Storage > re-mount the SD Card.

Family Farm Seaside


Our Players Say


Addicted! I have been playing this game for 2 years now. I truly enjoy it! This is a really cute and fun game and the attention to detail and graphics are nicely done.

Michelle Quinsey

Farm away!!! Excellent game! I am a long term player. My only complainant is that more land expansions are needed for higher levels.

Brenda S

Family farm seaside I just love it, you can do so many things, task, visit neighbors, get lots of rewards it is really super cool

Hada Rosa Emilia Sanchez